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Consumer Unit Replacements

Clint at offers a thorough service for consumer unit replacements, which includes:


  1. Upgrading Consumer Units: Replacing old fuse boxes with modern consumer units for enhanced protection and compliance with building regulations.
  2. Identifying Replacement Needs: Diagnosing issues like electrical damage, outdated components, or frequent circuit breaker tripping that indicate the need for a new unit.
  3. Diverse Consumer Unit Options: Providing a range of consumer units, including main switch, dual RCD, high integrity units, RCBOs, and SPDs, each catering to different safety and efficiency needs.
  4. Professional Installation and Compliance: Ensuring installations adhere to Part P of the building regulations, carried out by certified electricians, including obtaining necessary permits.
  5. Cost Transparency: Offering a clear breakdown of labour fees, equipment costs, and additional expenses like permits and inspections.
  6. Maintenance and Safety Tips: Emphasising regular inspections, keeping the unit area clean and dry, and proper usage of electrical appliances to ensure the unit's longevity and safety.


Overall, the service focuses on safety, modernisation, and regulatory compliance in consumer unit replacements, from diagnosis to installation and ongoing maintenance.


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Ensure your home's electrical system is modern, efficient, and compliant with the latest safety standards.



The Ultimate Guide to Consumer Unit Replacements: Everything You Need to Know

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